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Pre Workouts and Performance

If you have been working out for even a few months or ever picked up a muscle magazine, then you have probably heard or seen pre workout supplements. You also either take one yourself or have a friend who does, … Continue reading

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Fat Attack: Eat Fat, Burn Fat

Pull Quote: While some fats are more prone to be taken up by fat (adipose) cells and stored as body fat, others are more likely to alter metabolism to favor fat-burning. For many years doctors and nutritionists were steering people … Continue reading

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We Have Moved,

We have combined the blog and the site at Check it out today and see the new post, “HCG The Diet From Hell”! New look and easier to navigate. Stop by check it out and leave your feed back! … Continue reading

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Training Tips with the Pro Creator Hany Rambod With FST-7 Video

I am shocking my calves with tri-sets every other workout. Here is the routine: (5 of these tri-sets in 16-6 rep range) • Toe raises on hack squat machine • Standing calf raises • Standing reverse toe raises on a … Continue reading

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Circuit Training For MMA and Fatloss

Circuit training is a great form of exercise to acquaint yourself with if you plan to compete in mixed martial arts. It allows you to work on strength and cardio at the same time. In addition to that, circuit training … Continue reading

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No More Crunches? Abs-olutely!

If you’ve ever stepped into a commercial gym or attempted to “get in shape” in the discomfort of your own home, then you’ve almost certainly done a crunch. It’s a movement that’s as ingrained in our fitness culture as bench … Continue reading

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Meal Replacements to Fight Fat

Obesity is now a worldwide epidemic and the number of people in the U.S. who are either overweight or obese is greater than the number of normal or underweight people.1,2 Historically, it was felt that obesity was a consequence of … Continue reading

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UFC 126 Silva or Belfort? Watch these highlight videos, Then you decide.

Saturday in Las Vegas the super fight will finally happen! The pound for pound best fighter in the world Anderson Silva will put his belt on the line to fight Vitor Belfort, the guy with 12 first round knock outs … Continue reading

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Scheduling Meals and Exercise for Maximum Fat Burning

Exercise, cutting calories, and losing fat are difficult, so you want the most from your weight control program. A study from the University of Munich in Germany showed that meal timing, dietary composition, and exercise influenced post-exercise fat metabolism. George … Continue reading

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Shock Muscles Into Growth: Change Your Routine!

Hormones such as human growth hormone (GH) and testosterone have been shown to play a role in muscle hypertrophy and strength gains. One of the core training principles for muscle hypertrophy in bodybuilding is short rest— less than 1 minute … Continue reading

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