Pre Workouts and Performance

If you have been working out for even a few months or ever picked up a muscle magazine, then you have probably heard or seen pre workout supplements. You also either take one yourself or have a friend who does, but are pre workout supplements beneficial? Are the considered the best weight lifting supplements?

pre workout supplements

Do we need pre workout supplements to get results?

The short answer, NO.

You will see a lot of people who take pre workouts to get that “boost” of energy before their workouts, which is fine. We work, we go to school, life can get tough and some time we need a little energy before the gym. The best pre workout supplements can also provide muscle building ingredients to help with: muscle pumps, muscle recovery, and kick start the building process.

What ingredients should your pre workout contain?

To get the most of your pre workout, look for a supplement that contains all or most of these ingredients.

    • Creatine
    • Beta-Alanine
    • Arginine
    • Glycerol
    • Citrulline Mallate
    • Taurine

I hope this will help you if you decide to take a pre workout supplement. If you want my recommendation, I would say to go with BSN No Xplode 2.0. If you wonder if to yourself, Does No Xplode Work? It does and it contains the best ingredients to build muscle.

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