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Your Go-To Guide To Gaining Muscle While Minimizing Fat Gains

Many trainees have similar goals in mind when it comes to building their physiques: gain muscle without gaining body fat. On this road to physical improvement they will more often than not have a phase of bulking (gaining a combination … Continue reading

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Strength: What Does the Science Suggest?

I remember when I saw Ronnie Coleman’s training DVD “Cost of Redemption.” I highly recommend purchasing this DVD if you haven’t. It features Ronnie’s workouts including 160-pound dumbbell shoulder presses, 800-pound squats, 2,250+ -pound leg presses, 495-pound bench presses, 75-pound … Continue reading

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Old-school Bodybuilding: Carbs Make a Comeback

There was a time when bodybuilders ate food (gasp!). It is difficult to visualize today, given the prominence of protein powders, energy drinks, and meal replacements in all their manifestions (bars, powders, and drinks). It may be difficult to realize … Continue reading

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